Thursday, September 5, 2013

A day in the life ...

People always ask me what I do all day ... A lot of people think I don't do anything. Well, sometimes that is true, but for the most part, I'm doing a lot. Maybe not a lot for you, or compared to you, but for someone like me, a person who can be severely emotionally unstable, up or down, left or right, and you never know which way I will be any day of the week, I do a lot.

7:00 - alarm goes off. Hit snooze

7:09 - hit snooze again

7:18 - want to hit snooze, but force self out of bed.

7:20 - use the bathroom

7:22 - get distracted by something shiny.

7:25 - wake up Child and get him dressed for school.

7:35 - turn on PBS kids.

7:37 - give child ADHD meds so teacher doesn't call you and tell you how naughty your child is and how they have no impulse control and they were hitting other kids with pencils, etc, etc.

7:40 - pour cup of coffee

7:42 - pour bowl of cereal for child

7:43 - do NOT pour coffee onto cereal. Use MILK.

7:45 - serve child cereal

7:46 - fix coffee and proceed to consume in copious amounts

7:50 - get distracted by something shiny.

7:55 - turn off TV. Get kid ready for the bus.

8:02 - walk to bus stop

8:13 - walk back home.

8:15 - get distracted by something shiny.

8:20 - contemplate going back to bed for a few hours, or do dishes from previous night.

8:23 - do dishes

8:24 - realize you need music to do dishes. Get out iHome, find cleaning playlist and get em' done.

8:32 - get distracted by something shiny.

8:45 - use bathroom again. Realize there's dirty laundry in the washer.

8:48 - start washer

8:52 - take clean clothes out of dryer and throw on the bed. Contemplate separating, folding and putting it away.

8:55 - put laundry away

9:02 - get distracted by something shiny.

9:15 - sit down at computer and check Facebook/twitter/tumblr/Pinterest/email

10:05 - get distracted by something shiny (this actually goes on for a while...)

11:45 - realize you've been on Facebook/twitter/tumblr/Pinterest for way longer than you meant to be.

11:50 - take shower

12:02 - get dressed

12:15 - realize you haven't eaten yet.  forage for something edible.

12:30 - sit back down at computer with food and watch John/Hank Green YouTube videos while you eat. Learn something new.

1:00 - remember you should be writing

1:02 - open up recent copy of current story and re-read what you wrote the previous day.

1:04 - get distracted by something shiny

1:07 - hear cat heaving in hallway.

1:10 - clean up cat vomit/hair ball

1:18 - wash hands and commence writing.

1:21 - get distracted by something shiny

1:25 - cat jumps on computer desk, getting in your way of writing. Then sits on your lap and now you can't reach the keyboard.

1:32 - phone rings. School teacher. Let it go to voice mail.

1:37 - get distracted by wondering what the teacher wanted

1:45 - phone rings. Principal. Stomach turns. Must answer it.

2:00 - call mom crying because you're failing as a mother.

2:30 - text/FB message everyone you know the story from the principal to see what they think and continue multiple conversations until the panic attack stops.

3:30 - realize it's almost time for the bus.

3:32 - too stressed to read or write. Start pacing the house. Fidget with everything. Move stuff around the table and counter. Check the clock. Pick up toys. Fold blanket. Check clock. Pour a drink. Check clock. Pee again. Check clock.

3:53 - walk to bus stop in a partial daze

3:57 - get distracted by something shiny

4:05 - get kid off the bus. Talk to him about what happened.

4:12 - watch Ellen.

4:32 - get distracted by something shiny

5:00 - ask what everyone wants for dinner, if I haven't got a plan (which is a lot)

5:27 - start making dinner, have kid do homework.

5:34 - get distracted by something shiny

6:12 - serve said dinner

6:30 - watch Simpsons repeat with kid

7:00 - go for a walk with significant other (or watch Big Bang theory repeat if its raining...)

7:30 - tubby time

7:45 - get kid dressed, teeth brushed and ready for bed.

7:52 - get distracted by something shiny

8:00 - let kid read for 30 minutes while you watch your grown up show (depending on the day of week)

8:13 - get distracted by something shiny

8:30 ish (during commercial break) - go tuck in kid and kiss him goodnight.

8:35 - stop Dylan!

8:42 - quite down Dylan!

8:48 - DYLAN!

8:52 - get distracted by something shiny

8:55 - don't kick the wall please!

9:15 - silence.

9:16 - watch show on Netflix with significant other ?

9:30 - significant other falls asleep.

9:36 - go back on computer. Check Facebook.

9:49 - get distracted by something shiny

10:13 - still not tired. Try to read and write where I left off that afternoon.

11:47 - FINISHED A CHAPTER! And not distracted by anything shiny!! WHAT?!

12:05 - go to bed.


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